Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hoogendyk for Senate!!!

In tonight's debate, it was comical that Senator Carl Levin called Rep. Hoogendyk extreme and unable to reach across party lines in a bipartisan manner. Levin is an extreme liberal who does nothing to reach out and work with Republicans.

Levin admitted that the reason the people of Michigan should vote for him is because of the earmarks and money he can bring back to the state because of his seniority position in the Senate. THAT IS TROUBLING!!! He also admitted that he voted against the Bush tax plans even though the majority of Michigan citizens supported it. Why?? Because "Grandpa looking-over-his-glasses-at-the-end-of-his-nose Levin" knew that it would be bad for Michigan and bad for America. Levin said he did support the tax relief for the middle and lower class, but voted against the bill because he thinks the upper class should be taxed much higher. Then he turned right around and said the middle class suffered under Bush (no mention of the Democrat controlled House and Senate, or the Democrat Governor we have) even though the tax cut he voted against actually passed. Go figure.

Hoogendyk hit hard against the bailout package, especially all the "sweeteners" that were added to get it passed ... I was glad to hear somebody who gets it.

There's no need to point fingers about where the blame lies for the state of the economy in Michigan or the nation ... let's just fix it by putting some people into office who have common sense and are guided by their principles rather than politics! Vote Hoogendyk!!!

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