Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being from WV, I realize the importance that the coal mining industry has on a state or region. I have uncles who work in coal mines. My grandfather died from black lung from working in a coal mine. My father works on pumps that are used in coal mines. Today, in a released audio tape, Barack Obama basically states that he would bankrupt the coal industry!! Wake up America! Be sure think before you vote!

Take a listen, and click here for the story. Reaction from the coal industry in WV can be read here.


Andrew Biddinger said...

Hey, thanks for commenting back on my blog. I know that the scripture is taken out of context. (lol) I'll add a bigger disclaimer saying it is. No disrespect for the Bible on my part!

Andrew Biddinger said...

I just added you to my blog list. Check out my post: