Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huckabee Launches Politial Action Committee


Today, Gov. Mike Huckabee unveiled a new website. He has formed a PAC to help support and promote candidates who stand for conservative values. I encourage you to check out the new website. Here's a portion of Gov. Huckabee's statement:

Huck PAC is something I am very excited about. As I campaigned across this country over the last fourteen months I met families and individuals eager for change in Washington and the Republican Party.

Many felt that their Party needed to get back to its core principles: less government, a strong national defense and unwavering support for the family and the sanctity of life.

I campaigned to be the agent of that change and while we may have come up short, I remain and I hope you do as well, undeterred, because the campaign was never about me.

If it had been, I can assure you I would have gotten out of the race long before the Ames Straw Poll when generous pollsters had us trolling at 2-3% in national polls. I stayed in the race then because my campaign was always about the issues and the voters. The folks that felt invisible and overlooked and who believed that Washington wasn’t fighting for the same principles they believed in.

Enter Huck PAC.

Huck PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And because we believe our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward, we are committed to supporting Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty.

We will identify candidates who hold firm to these principles, promote their campaigns and financially support their efforts.
I listened to a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh's radio program this afternoon. He was bemoaning the fact that the presidential candidates were poor choices because they did not support life (i.e. they support abortion), they did not support liberty (i.e. they support limitations on our liberty in light of global warming, etc.), and so on. I wonder if Rush got his talking points on this subject from Huckabee's letter?

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The Tin Man said...

I doubt that Rush takes any cues from Mike Huckabee on global warming. Among other things, I was not happy with Huckabee's stance on global warming during the campaign. I have learned a lot more about this topic over the last several months and I am more convinced than ever that this topic is a liberal sham.

Unfortunately, it is sucking in Republicans (even Christian Republicans) everywhere. Romney was not as strong on this topic as I would have wished, but at least he expressed appropriate economic caution during the debates.