Thursday, April 3, 2008

Will McCain try to court the Religious Right? reports that McCain shies away from talking about religion. Here's an expert of an article written by Johnaton Martin:

Traversing the country this week on a tour of places that have shaped his life and informed his values, John McCain spoke in strikingly personal language to introduce himself to the American public.

But missing so far is any significant mention of religious faith.

In an Oprah Winfrey-era where soul-baring and expressions of faith are the norm for public figures, the presumptive Republican nominee, open and candid about much else, retains a shroud of privacy around his Christianity.

With Obama having the #1 most liberal voting record in the Senate, and Clinton ranking as the 16th most liberal Senator, neither Democratic candidate is an option for conservative voters. While leaning towards supporting McCain at the moment, I am still waiting for him to "reach across the aisle" in my direction. It appears that once again the Evangelical wing of the party will be taken for granted. I wonder if that will be a tragic mistake come November?


Vince said...

Like you, I think it will be hard for any conservative person to vote for Hillary or Obama. Although I am not enthusiastic about it, I plan to vote McCain. But, I cannot skip an election.

I know there are people who will skip it. McCain needs to inspire. And he shouldn't count on Obama to scare the conservative democrats his way.

If he doesn't reach out soon, McCain will be in trouble. He's got my vote, but, he doesn't have my money. He's going to need both. To get my donation, he'll have to convince me his real agenda is like mine.

OneMom said...

Even if he does "court" us, I would find it nigh unto impossible to believe anything he says to us. It's too easy for politicians to say what the masses want to hear without any need to follow through once they get what they want.